cracked but not broken…

I am a nearly 40 year old American living in Geneva, Switzerland. I have two beautiful, smart, and kind children; and after 10 years of marriage my “happily ever after” came to a screeching halt! So I find myself going from a “Stepford” wife to Le Divorcée.

This blog is about my journey as I navigate the confusing, crazy, infuriating, and oft times funny road from marriage to divorce.

I know that the transition will not be easy, nothing worth having ever is, but it is necessary. I’d like to think I’ll manage this episode with style and grace, but I am far from perfect. There will be style, plenty of style but the grace part I might have to work on a little harder.

PS: I decided not to reveal who I am…YET, since I am right in the middle of this hellish process. However, I will give you clues about me and when D-DAY finally arrives, I will have a big reveal.



stay tuned…