Hello loves, it has been awhile. I apologize but my procrastination was set to full blast…

I woke up today knowing that I had to finish the post that I was working on. Then I stumbled across this live performance by Jhenè Aiko and her daughter and I got ALL   the way in my feels, so much so that my eyes were leaking! That made me think, why did that clip hit me so? Then a couple of things of clicked: 1. Mothers Day is tomorrow. tt2. My kids are not with me…

Being a mother has been the hardest but most rewarding thing that I have ever done in my entire life. I do not often write about my children but they are always on my mind. In our new normal I have them only 50% of the time. That is a huge change considering I have been home with them 100% since day one. Only having them three days a week and every other weekend leaves a gaping hole in my home, not to mention my heart. With the situation between their father and myself being only slightly warmer than the cold war era tension between the USA and the USSR, let’s just say we have not arrived at our co-parenting destination.

This custody arrangement is not exactly what I wanted but it has given me a greater appreciation for the time I do have my kids. Three days passes so quickly, with the day to day routine that I am really grateful for every moment I get with them.  Being with them only half of the time has made me realize that every day is mothers day. However, on the day, of course, I wanted to spend the day with my kids. But guess what… it’s not my weekend! WTF… After what seemed like 1001 asinine emails I arranged that I could pick them up at noon so we could go to brunch…

I’ll take it a win is a win right because there was no way I was spending Mothers Day sans enfants.

“Life does not come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” – Unknown

2 thoughts on “MOTHERS…

  1. Happy Mother’s Day my dear daughter. What beautiful thoughts on this Mothers day. I know the feeling you are describing. It is always sad being without your children this day set aside to honor mothers . But my now I know your little men are with you.❤️

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