If it is not one thing it is another right?

I have been focusing on me and taking the steps I need to take back my power and control my own narrative. For some reason, it is exactly at these times when you levelling up that “tests” will appear and make you doubt what you are doing and where you are going and to that I say: NOT TODAY DEVIL!

I am sure you all remember the “King of R&B” Bobby Brown’s hit, Every Little Step right? I heard this song the other day and I literally LOL! The words are too perfect:

Every little step I take

You will be there

Every little step I make

We’ll be together

Every little step I take

You will be there…

Obviously, I am not hearing these words in the romantic sense they were intended.  Is it me, or did they always have this creepy stalker vibe? I digress… In my current situation, these words feel more like a veiled threat. I am thinking that no matter what steps I take (making progress) you (the ex) will always be there to try and throw a damn monkey wrench into my plans!! Now, I realize that we will always be connected etc. because we have created lives together, but nonetheless I need demand my independence.

In keeping with the musical theme of this post, as I move on, and believe me: I AM MOVING ON! I choose to look at any setback or hiccup along this journey not as a problem, but as a remix. The universe is just redirecting me to a higher purpose. So, there is no need for me to get all in my feels. Instead, I choose to listen to this classic song from my youth and know that eventually all of my steps will lead me exactly where I am supposed to be.


“Don’t allow a setback to give you a reason to sit back. Pick yourself up and continue to move forward!  –Dr. KL Register



4 thoughts on “EVERY LITTLE STEP

  1. Hi, I am not sure how appropriate it is for a man to reply to your post but I felt compelled to on this one. It reminds of a thought “it is not what is done but how it is received”. It signals a level of control. I am not actually sure if that is a quote or not but it has helped to spin things around for me on difficult occasions (obviously, nothing as difficult as what you are going through).

    You are an inspiration – your strength and tenacity. Well done and good luck

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