I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks but you know life happens…

If you have been following the blog, you know I turned the big 4-0 this year,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! and although March has come and gone, I feel like I have earned the right to celebrate being 40 all year long!

I am tennis junkie and when I found out my favorite tennis player… Rafael Nadal was going to be playing in my favorite city, I jumped at the chance to attend the Paris Rolex Masters.  You know I believe the universe is always conspiring in our favor, and the stars truly aligned.  I got to see one of the greatest tennis players of all time play not once but twice.  I was in tennis fangirl heaven…

As I sat there and watched each match unfold, I started to empathize with the players and connect with them on another level. I was shocked at just how much I had in common with these phenomenal athletes. You see tennis is essentially a solo sport. Of course, you have a coach, trainers, hitting partners on your team, and they are there to support you but when it is time for your match…you step out on that court ALONE!

It felt as if a tennis ball just hit me in the face, the parallels were endless!  During this process, I have sought the advice of countless individuals (hello, three lawyers later) and have for the most part been grateful for their advice. But the fact remains that this is my match and I am the one that has to play it.  In Nadal’s first match he was up against a guy with a monster serve, he was winning games because Nadal could not return it. However, he is not one of the best for nothing… on the change-over, you could see the gears in his mind turning- searching for a solution and he soon found it.

There was no coach around to tell him, that if he stepped in and took the serve early he would be able to connect with it and return it. It was very easy to observe from the stands and say do this do that, but he was alone on the court and the only person that could provide the solution was…HIMSELF.

The same is true for me, just like any tennis player I AM in charge of what happens in my game life. It is me and only me that can know what adjustments to make, when to be aggressive and attack, or when I need to be defensive because I am literally fighting for my life. I am also in charge of my schedule; I have to know when I am up to play and when I need a rest to be in shape for a more important match.  I have also learned to be just as gracious in defeat as in victory.

Lastly, no matter what the outcome when I finish this match, I will walk off the court holding my head high because I know I left it all out on the court. Or in the court for this matter. 


You need a defeat to give value to your victories.” – Rafael Nadal

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