If you have been following the blog, then you know that this hellish divorce has been dragging on and on…

Last week I received notice that the judge had finally reached a decision in our separation. Well let’s just say that after trying to decipher the 19 pages of French legalise. I realized two things: 1. I had won a major victory, the right to stay in my house. 2. I could not afford this victory. The alimony I was awarded would not sustain me in a small African village, let alone in Geneva, Switzerland! So, appeals court here we come…

From time to time during this process I have listened to the highly underrated album, Hear My Dear by one of my all-time favourite singers, Marvin Gaye. A good friend of mine in university put me on to this genius album. The story goes that when his first wife filed for divorce, he was cash strapped. So, he agreed to pay her 600,000 with the first 307,000 coming from an advance against the royalties from his next album and the remainder to be paid from any future royalties.

He thought that he would just make any kind of album, because his ex-wife would end up with the money- so who cares. NOT! Marvin Gaye was a musical genius and was not capable of producing anything mediocre even when he wanted to. What is ensues, is a highly personal and autobiographical account of his relationship with Ana, from beginning to end. Upon its release in 1978 it was a critical flop; his disco fans were not in the mood for this “heavy” album about the demise of his marriage.

The album is FANTASTIC, the lyrics, the vocals, the band, the THEME. It is now considered one of the best albums in his catalogue. If you haven’t had a chance to listen this gem, here you go: you can thank me later.

My future ex is no Marvin Gaye, so I will not be accepting any musical settlements. As I have done throughout this bizarre process, I will keep fighting for what I deserve.


Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.” –Ugo Eze



6 thoughts on “THE SETTLEMENT

  1. My daughter and I started over with very little. The first house was small, but that is what we needed at the time. I like small houses now. They are a lot less work. My ex always provided child support. As long as my daughter has what she needs I am happy. All I wanted was my freedom. xx

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