I used to have this vintage t-shirt with this slogan- I loved it. I literally wore it until it fell apart. Little did I know that would become a mantra for my life. This shit has been going on since OCTOBER 2015!!!!!

Maybe I could slightly, teak this phrase to read- Different Day Same Tactic. If you have been following the blog, you know I started a Go Fund Me Campaign, “Rebirth of a Stepford Wife” I started the campaign because divorce is expensive and I think even more so in Switzerland. I have spent a small fortune (that I did not have) on my legal fees and I am still married. Of course, the x-hole has drastically reduced my funds and yet still here I am. Still fighting for my life and basic dignity.

Today is June 1st and it marks a new low, the person that I am still married to has refused to give me any money this month.  The funds were already a pittance, but at least I was able to pay the minimums on my credit card bills and other basic expenses. I do not even have gas in my car!

Why would someone do that, you ask? For some reason, he stills wants to control me. I am done being controlled and bullied by him. After finding out for a second time that he has illegally accessed my bank accounts, I closed the account. He is upset and has even gone so far as to tell me that there is a law, that requires me to give him my bank account information! Umm this is Switzerland– home of private banking and banking secrecy, so I that would be a no.

Money had always been the power that he held over me- he giveth and he taketh away. I am done giving him this god like power over me. I tried to be reasonable and have asked several times that he give me the money in cash.  It is a relatively small sum that can be withdrawn from the ATM here, and still he refuses. Did I mention that his office is right on top of the bank? So there really is no excuse for him not giving me the money.

This is a pain in the ass to say the least, but I refuse to be stressed. And I will not beg him for something that I am lawfully entitled to. So, when the gas runs out of my car, I will walk. Luckily the school, stores etc. are close to my house. I will use it as an excuse to exercise more.  And the bills, they will get paid, where there is a will, there is always a way!


THINK abundant. ACT abundant. BE abundant

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