It has only been eight months since my last audience at the tribunal, if you read the post: https://ledivorcee.com/2016/09/21/dressing-for-the-tribunal/ you will know how I was slightly stressed about what to wear for my day in court. I felt that I chose the perfect outfit:  a black pencil skirt, white button down shirt, and classic black blazer. To give my confidence an extra boost, I took my favourite Chanel bag and wore a killer pair of Loubies.

Imagine my surprise, when I met with my lawyer last week and he told me that I should wear something like what I had on to court!!! Umm excuse me? I was wearing a Black Lives Matter sweatshirt, ripped jeans (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ripped denim) and some magenta rain boots! Although that outfit was perfectly fine for schlepping around on a rainy weekday, it was not appropriate for court.

I laughed and asked was he serious- he was. Now I am even more stressed about what to wear.  I was definitely the best dressed person in the courtroom last time. My lawyer was looking pretty sharp as well, and I expected nothing less. I know the Swiss are rather casual and Geneva is not a mecca of fashion by any means but there has to be some middle ground because there is no way I am showing up in a sweatshirt!

What you wear, says so much about you. It is a way of communicating without having to say one word. Wearing a sweatshirt to court would be tantamount to me saying I don’t give a flying f*%k about what is taking place here. And we all know that is the exact opposite of the truth! I just have to strike the balance between looking like I came from the gym and going to a gala. Easier said than done. As Marc Jacobs said, “To me, clothing is a form of self-expression– there are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

Today I have a two-hour prep session with my lawyer, after which, I will turn my closet inside out to find something more conservative (read no stilettos).  There is no budget for shopping this time so, whatever is in the closet will have to work. I seem to remember having a pair of Gucci loafers somewhere… In case you are wondering, when considering my outfits- I always start at the bottom!

Good shoes take you good places…



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