Ahhhhhhh the importance of girlfriends. During this hellish process, some have left. But the ones who have stayed or just made their entrance into my life I am truly grateful to have you. Thank you.

Today, I met up with one of these friends, let’s call her Lucy. I have known Lucy for ages but she was a friend of a friend and it was more of a hi and bye kind of deal. I could literally go years without seeing her, but I always liked her and was genuinely happy to see her whenever I did. Fast forward to the divorce, and she has been yet another woman who has stepped in told me to keep me chin up and life is not over, in fact it is just beginning! It had been awhile, so we agreed to meet for a quick coffee…

I was sporting my favourite Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney yoga pants with matching top and jacket, so I thought it would be a quick 30-minute gab session before I hit the gym. Boy, was I wrong, it turned into a two-hour discussion about life and how to carry on.  Exactly, what I needed. I can hit the gym later or tomorrow. I was supposed to talk to Lucy today. I needed to hear that I am doing ok, I needed to be inspired and motivated. I am 18 months into this madness and nothing is settled and I was starting to wonder IF I would ever be free to live my life on my own terms.


After talking to Lucy, one thing is for sure: I will stop waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel, I will light that bitch up myself!

4 thoughts on “COFFEE WITH FRIENDS

  1. So true every woman needs her person or persons. The ones who let you vent, explore options, give non judgemental advice, and have your back. Happy that you have a Jane in your life.

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