The last weeks have been brutal. I asked for my divorce in OCTOBER 2015 and I am still married to the xhole! Yes, still married- not even separated. To say that the Swiss legal system is a labyrinth that I have yet to crack would be a gross understatement. I have consulted countless lawyers and legal professionals here and even back home in the US. To no avail. Every legal thing I have tried has somehow blown up in my face.

Today, was just another shining example of the legal system at work -or not depending on what side you are on. Sometime ago, I received a subpoena to appear before yet another judge. So much has been going on that I mixed up the days, but my lawyer corrected me, after all that’s why he is getting paid the big bucks! Today we met in his swanky office and after preparing the necessary, we left for  our rendezvous at the court house…

If you could have seen the look on both of our faces when not only did the x-hole nor his lawyer not show up- they sent an INTERN to deal with us!! The judge was not impressed and when asked why the defendant was not there, he said he didn’t know. He was just told to come there. Needless to say, without the x-hole’s presence it was impossible to have a hearing!  Can you say furious? The rage I felt at that moment is indescribable. I mean the total lack of respect for the court, my lawyer, me. And of course, I had to pay for the hearing in advance.

As we walked backed to my lawyer’s office, in the rain. Of course, it was raining because I decided I had to wear my suede leopard print Manolo Blahnik’s to this show. I was upset and thought the walk would be a good way to clear my head. All the while my lawyer and I were talking about the injustice of it all and plotting our next steps. Now, I am a pro at walking in heels, I made the descent (think cobblestones) from the courthouse back to the center of town with no problem. However, even my Manolo’s had had enough of the bullshit and sent me unceremoniously falling to the ground. I did manage to grab onto my lawyer’s arm to in order to break my fall, talk about adding insult to injury!  Not even slipping and falling on a busy side walk in the middle of town can keep me down for long. I popped back up and made sure my heels where still in tack and kept stepping- albeit a little more carefully.

Despite all of the setbacks and delays, I am trying to remain positive and look on the bright side. I was in such a good place…mentally that is. Physically I am still in the hell that is my golden cage, still living with the person I want to be my EX– husband more than anything in this world. All I can do is wait until the scales of justice start tipping in my direction.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley





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