Hello loves, it has been a minute…

I was working on another post but, I cannot seem to get the words together. Instead I offer you this one. I read this quote a couple of months ago and it is speaking to me even more know: “The anointing that’s on your life attracts attacks! Don’t look at it as trouble, look at it as confirmation! Keep Going!”

I know this to be true in my heart of hearts but it is sometimes hard to keep a sunny outlook when you are in the depths of the storm. However, what has been keeping me afloat is music. It calms me. It restores me. It encourages me. A good song can take you to a place and time where all is well and you can forget about what is troubling you. I was listening to a random playlist on Spotify and came across, this artist Stella! The song I stumbled across was is called Friends, it was love at first hear and I wanted more. I found the complete album and it is EVERY LAST THING! It had me at the title: Selfish!

I am listening to this masterpiece as I write this post. It is one of those albums you can just put on and listen to every track. It took a few listens to actually catch the words to my favourite track: You First. Hidden under the melodic track is my new anthem, it is gives me strength and courage, with lyrics such as: You can’t believe this is all the love that you deserve. You can have all the world but you most love you first…

With that said, it is time to become selfish. This is difficult for most women to do, because we are so used to taken care of everyone around us. But I ask, who is taking care of us?  This divorce is taking its toll on my sanity to say the least. I now realize that if I am going to be able to fight the good fight, and I am going to fight. I need to start taking better care of myself- mentally and physically. This battle is far from over, but I had to shift my mind set and focus what my end game is. Taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Promise yourself that you will grab a glass of wine, tea, or whatever, light a candle and let the music take you away. I also recommend the following albums for when the world is feeling a little too much to bear.

  1. Hear My Dear by Marvin Gaye
  2. Still Life by Aaron Taylor
  3. A seat at the Table by Solange


Take care loves and let the music play…












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