“I know somehow that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.” Martin Luther King Jr.

I discovered this gem of an album, by Aaron Taylor, called Sill Life. On it there is an interlude with an excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.’s last speech, that is remixed over a melodic beat. Of course I have heard and read this speech several times… but never like this!

It made me realize that last year was quite possibly the darkest year of my life. But it is over now, and I am still here. I am still standing. Stronger then I ever imagined I would be.

This process is far form over, on the contraire it is just really getting underway. I have several audiences at the Tribunal in my near future. However, what is over; is me staying in the dark! Although I am grateful for that time, for without it I would have never been able to see and more importantly appreciate the stars.

My marriage may be over, but so many things are just starting for me! By the way the interlude is called I Ain’t Worried and believe me, I am not.

Stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “CAN YOU SEE THE STARS?

  1. You never really know the strength you have inside yourself unless you are truly challenged. You have been challenged and have come out of it all wiser stronger and now able to see the stars in all their glory. Here’s to a bright 2017.

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  2. Here comes the sun, Little Darlin’.
    (in my George Harrison voice)
    Climbing the horizon to usher in the new day,
    Peeking through the clouds as the storm rolls away.
    With all of the splendor, the rays and the surges
    Its light, its warmth, its energy emerges.
    Here comes the sun, Little Darlin’.
    Keep embracing it as it embraces you in 2017.


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