Stepping into the new year…

2016 has been one hell of a year, and quite frankly I am glad it is almost over!

When the year started, I was cautiously optimistic that I would have some type of resolution to my divorce proceedings, or more correctly-  that they would start. I had no idea how wrong that idea would be. As it turns out the Swiss legal system is not a finely tuned machine like the watches, they are so famous for.  It is the exact opposite, slow and out of date!

However,  all the set backs and up and downs of this roller coaster have taught me a vital life lesson; I AM STRONGER THAN I EVER IMAGINED! So much stronger.

The x- hole has tried  to crush me literally and figuratively but I am not going for that. When he realized I was not going to go quietly into the night and accept his ludicrous offers. He employed even more drastic measures. He did all the typical things like cut my money and he even said he wants full custody our children!

But this post is not about him and his antics. It’s about realizing that I deserve something better and having the courage to stand up and fight for it. Now that I know that I can…watch out! Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way!

This year has not been all bad, despite you know who’s best efforts. I have made some incredible friends and reconnected with others. As I write this I am sitting on a lovely terrace in Dubai!

So as this year ends and another starts, I am grateful for the good and the bad. I am looking forward to stepping into 2017 with my head held high and continuing to make my stylish exit!

Stay tuned….

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