Cancelling Christmas…

Is that a thing? As parents; are we allowed to do that?

I am guessing the answer is NO! However, I would love to fast forward to December 31st and say aurevoir to 2016.

I am not in the Christmas mood. I am not filled with the happiness and yuletide cheer. In place of all this cheer I feel stress and anxiety.

This is the first Christmas that it will be just me and my boys. It was such a hard fought battle with the x-hole that I have nothing left to give. As I mentioned in my last post, my  cliché of an ex holds the purse strings. As such, I had to get his approval  before I could decide where I wanted to spend the holidays. Needles to say, everywhere I proposed, Marrakesh (too dangerous), Bermuda (sounds like too much fun for me), Paris (kids killed that, idea) was a resounding NO!

Where are we going? In the end we are going to the States, the place I was trying to avoid like the plaque. I knew it would be a difficult Christmas for the kids, being away from their dad. So I wanted to try and create a new normal for them. After, talking to my oldest son, he informed me that he did not want to spend Christmas in a hotel room with no tree, but wanted spend it at his grandmother’s house.

So I relented, I am not totally heartless.

Did I mention how last minute this trip was? So last minute that, I have been racing against time and shipping cut off dates to order presents for the kids, thank God for Amazon Prime!  Everything that I could find has been purchased and is on it’s way.

However, even though the boys will wake up on Christmas morning surrounded by love and presents galore, I know that there will be one thing missing: their dad. They might not even mention it, but I will know it is on their little minds and hearts. For that reason alone, I would like to fast forward to New Years. I can’t stand the thought that my boys will want for something, even if it is the x-hole.

I am writing this from 35,000 feet in the air and since I will be here for the next nine hours, I thought I would get this off my chest. Who knows, there are a few more days left until the big day, maybe I will come around…

Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas and a Merry 2017!

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