Selling Coco…


Last Christmas, as my divorce was getting underway, I knew my husband wouldn’t do anything special. But just because he wouldn’t do anything special didn’t mean I couldn’t.

I went shopping and bought a Chanel bag I had been eying. When I got home with the bag, I wrapped it, marked it “Do Not Open Until Christmas” and put it away.

The future ex entered my room for a quick conversation about the kids’ Christmas.Imagine my surprise when he, ever so casually, mentions that he found my bag (read: went through my things) and that he returned it. He decided I didn’t need it. I sprang out of bed and threw on the first clothes I saw and bolted. I had never moved so fast in my life! So many things were racing through my mind, and the foremost was GO GET THE BAG! And it was the very last bag, so I hopped in the Mini Cooper and got to the boutique as fast as I could.

I arrived, parked my car, did a 100 mettre dash that would have made Husain Bolt proud, and landed in the Chanel boutique slightly sweaty and out of breath. The sales associate was very happy to see me again so soon. I caught my breath and explained what happened. She was mortified, and did what any Chanel loving woman would do – poured a calming glass of champagne and reassured me my bag was still there. Suddenly all was right with the world. My special gift was on its way home.

This year is a little different.

Instead of picking out a new Chanel, I have (clutch my pearls) started to sell some of my bags. My ex-has gone the way of the cliché́ and drastically reduced my finances. So what’s a girl to do? I know there are other fashionistas out there who would love to give my bags a good home and, let’s face it, I need the money. So I’ve started selling them. I know they’re just things and are not important in the grand scheme of life. But they’re my things. I bought them, and I love them. It was a little bittersweet, but ultimately I was happy to sell them for a fair price and quickly.

The holidays have come around again, and I’m making a list of gifts I need to buy. Every year I’m on my list, and it used to involve Madame Chanel. I’m certain she’s in my future. The world just needs to right itself and I no longer have to deal with the x-hole.

This year I’ll treat myself to peace of mind.

5 thoughts on “Selling Coco…

  1. The greatest gifts are not the things we receive but the love we give, the friendship we share and the hope we inspire. These make us happy temporarily, emotional moments can last a lifetime! Things can always be replaced…people cannot.

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  2. Gifts we make to ourselves are the best, so I love how you dealt with Chanel bag last year. I also sell a lot of my clothes/accessories to support my finances. When selling one I make money and space to buy another one 😀 Merry Christmas

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