Bienvenue au club


As the universe is always conspiring in my favor (and yours too), my very first blog post falls on my tenth wedding anniversary! Oh the plans I had for this day…but I digress. There will be no big party in a fabulous location, there will be no amazing gown, and there most definitely will not be any renewing of vows! Instead on this day, I chose to celebrate my membership into a new club; Le Divorcée.

As it turns out, it is not very exclusive at all. Since I a started on this long road to freedom; (yes, freedom) it seems that everyone I meet is divorced, in the process of divorce, or weighing the pros and cons of divorce. I was shocked to find that in the tiny city of Geneva,Switzerland the divorce rate is 49.9%! You read right, 49.9%!!! That means that nearly half of the marriages in this tiny little place don’t work out. It is good to know that I am not alone but geesh. So I thought, I know several people in similar situations and if half the married people where I live were divorced or would one day be divorced than my thoughts could resonate with many people.

Are you  wondering why, I likend my request for a divorce, to quest for freedom? For me that is essentially what it has become. My marriage was not all bad, but towards the end I began to feel stifled and trapped. I felt like a bird in cage who was only allowed out when company was over to demonstrate whatever new skill I had acquired. For someone like me that is no way to live! Reaching the decision to divorce was hard, to put it mildly. I was no longer the fiercely independent young woman I once was. I am now a kept woman, a mother of two, an expat living in a foreign country, a real bonafide Stepford wife! What was I thinking?  Did I have the courage, the strength, the money (money is always an issue), the confidence, to try this thing called life on my own? The more and more I thought about it, the answer was a resounding YES!

So on this day, I am not sad about the past and the failure of a marriage. I am excited about starting the next phase of my life and all the possibilities out there waiting for me.  

No longer a caged bird, just a girl who is ready to fly!

12 thoughts on “Bienvenue au club

  1. I’ve seen the horrors of divorce way too often through those around me. It takes more than courage to get through at times. Most women keep their thoughts and feelings bottled up, which makes it even harder to get though the dramas forced upon them. I love the strong, courageous and brave woman that you are. You tell it like it is and in your own way ask for the support from your friends, family and universe. Putting it out there on social media is best idea you’ve ever had. Keep making us laugh and cry with your words. We will love, support and carry you forward, always! We are behind you all the way Babe!


  2. You made broken look beautiful & I really admire you for being so strong while facing the new chapter of your life.

    Knowing when to walk away is WISDOM.
    Being able to is COURAGE.
    Flying away, with your head held high is DIGNITY.

    You are a true inspiration for those who wanted to spread their wings & fly!
    We will stand by you, care for you & we will lift you up xoxo


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